008: Everything Can Change On a Dime, Even the Weather!

If you’ve been plugging away at this business for weeks and weeks and nothing is happening, I want you to know that this part of real estate is normal. My latest deal was going to net me $31,000, but it fell through, and there are some great lessons you can learn from that failure.


007: How to Stay in Control of the Conversation with Rob Steers

Starting off strong in a phone conversation can go a long way to helping you make and close that offer. Rob Steers and I roleplay through a few conversations, and he focuses on the 5 things that you need to learn from every follow-up conversation. Those first 15 seconds in a conversation are crucial, so learn how to control the entire phone call by starting off strong.


006: Stop Focusing On the Outcome & Start Focusing On Today

You want to get started, but you feel so overwhelmed by everything you’re learning. You’re taking in so much new information that you lose sight of what you need to be focusing on. Together I’m going to walk through some steps that will help you cut through that noise by focusing on a simple plan that lets you focus on the things you can control.


005: The Importance of Building Momentum

If you’re new to this business, there’s so much information out there that I’m sure you’re wondering, “Where do I start?”. It’s too easy to get completely overwhelmed. Today I want to talk about how you can build momentum, and why you want to take advantage of that magical feeling when everything is working out perfectly.


004: 6 Deals This Month With Coaching Client Ester Telles

Ester Telles is the kind of coaching client who just needs to be pointed in the right direction for
her business to explode. On her own Ester was doing six figures a year, but she didn’t really
feel successful. Joe McCall and I were able to help her scale up her business so that she could
finally start taking a salary.


003: 4 Deals In Closing During COVID (Steve & Coco Zimmer)

It’s never too late to learn new skills, and as Coco and Steve Zimmer demonstrate, it’s never too late to start over either. Signing up as coaching clients with Joe McCall and myself has helped Steve and Coco navigate learning new systems, a new industry, and a totally new way of doing business. But their natural talents, combined with our support, have helped them to keep smashing goals and signing contracts even through the pandemic.


002: How to Renegotiate to Maximize Your Profit

One of the skills we teach our coaching clients is how to talk to sellers because in the heat of the moment, you might find yourself giving away too much money. One deal here or there won’t break you, but if you consistently get talked down a few thousand every deal, then you’re going to lose thousands of dollars over a year’s time. Listen to how Chris and I negotiate a deal that looks like it’s going to go sideways.


001: How We Did $100K During The Pandemic

Don’t get lost in the negative Nancys who say the real estate market is doomed. Carey and Melissa, two of my favorite business partners, cleared $100,000 during the pandemic, and we are going to tell you how we did it. From a reluctant start to now confident investors, Melissa and Carey are proof that you are only as good as your real estate network.

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