Episode 27: The Biggest Shift You Need to Make in 2021

Is the market going to tank? Will banks tighten up lending criteria? This is the year you need to stop obsessing over things way out of your control and instead start dialing in on all the things you can control. And that’s YOU.

Episode 24: What Stands in the Way of Your Success in Real Estate?

I’m going to identify a few of the common reasons that people get stuck in real estate investing. Because no matter how much you want something, if you’re not taking massive action toward that goal, you’re just going to be spinning your wheels forever thinking about that “some day”. Let’s...

Episode 23: Live Seller Cold Call to a FSBO – Keep It Simple

What exactly should you say to Mr. Seller? Going beyond a phone script, I’ve recorded a live cold call to a seller so that you can see how casual and friendly you can be as you get some more information about a property and establish first contact with a potential...

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