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No really, this is exactly how we run our business, and we are sharing the techniques below.

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Our courses are filled with the techniques we and our students use every day to close deals. These courses are for those who are serious about their business and are ready to put in the work. We look forward to seeing your success!



Old Market – Old Leads – Let’s see what happens.

Cold Calling 101

$ 297

Learn how to optimize your wholesaling business with this proven method for success. What’s included:

Module 1: Why cold Calling
Module 2: Mindset Mastery
Module 3: Identifying a Cold Calling Market
Module 4 & 5: Building Your List Part 1 & 2
Module 6: Systems & Tools
Module 7: Making The Calls
Module 8: Management & Responsibilities
BONUS Module: Mojo Dialer Setup

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